Why choose our TOPSOIL?

Walk down the bagged soil aisle of any home or Garden Center and take a look at the offerings for “Topsoil”, “Garden Soil”, “lawn Soil” “Flower and Vegetable Soil”, etc, and look at the labels. Not just the generic stuff, but also the offerings of the name-brand companies.

Their labels all say something like, “Contains recycled Forest Products” or something similar.

If there happens to be a broken or opened bag, take a look. There it is! Mostly mulch, maybe a little compost. Do you see much SOIL? No, you won’t—maybe you won’t see ANYTHING that looks like soil.

Go online, pick any home center (Menard’s, Home Depot, Lowes, etc) , type in TOPSOIL, and then pick your favorite, most-respected brand of lawn seed/plant care company and look at the reviews of their Topsoil (Garden soil, Lawn soil, etc). You’ll be amazed at what you find. The reviews will go like this:

  • “The bags I purchased had more wood in them than topsoil. Very disappointed”.
  • “I repeat, this is NOT TOP SOIL! This is nothing more than ground-up wood chips, in most cases finer than mulch. There is no consistency to it. I cannot believe they get away with selling this garbage as topsoil”.
  • “We put this so-called topsoil down, two weeks later it’s nothing but mulch after the rain. I don’t even know what to do now. Feels like we just wasted hundreds of dollars on this and seeding”.
  • “Every bag contained at least 50% wood chips. The wood chips are not that noticeable until after you water the soil. Now I need to rake the wood chips off the lawn”
  • “This is not true topsoil. It’s deliberately mixed with 50% wood chips and sticks as cheap filler”.
  • “Barely soil…more like 3/4 mulch. They should be ashamed of this product. You’ll find twigs, large chunks of wood, even some stones…”

It’s actually difficult to find a POSITIVE Review!

Now let’s take a look at weights.

True IOWA BLACK GOLD Topsoil will weigh almost exactly a ton per cubic yard. This means that your typical 0.75 cubic foot bag of “Topsoil” should weigh 55 lbs; a 1.0 Cubic foot bag should weigh about 75 pounds.

What do these TOP NAME BRAND bags weigh? It varies of course but generally around 20-35 pounds. Good black PURE topsoil is HEAVY—Mulch, sticks, and debris are not…. There’s your proof.

A Plus Topsoil Solutions only sells Iowa Black Gold 100% Pure TOPSOIL. We harvest it from a single source, from land that we own. We are not resellers! We remove it from its original virgin state, load it on our trucks, and deliver it directly to you. 100% pure. 100% Natural. From the land that’s NEVER been cropped or had herbicides applied. No fillers… just the REAL THING. Pure IOWA BLACK GOLD