About A Plus Topsoil Solutions


[ aw-then-tik ]
having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified.

Before his recent retirement from owning and operating a very successful landscaping and residential grading business, Dave Pepper found that one of the business’s greatest obstacles was a consistent source of real topsoil. Landscapers and do-it-yourselfers have invariably had to depend upon traditional middlemen such as landscape supply houses that merely resell materials sourced elsewhere. This of course leads to problems dealing with cloddy, infertile, amended, blended, and unworkable DIRT that’s inconsistent from load to load.

Dave decided to bypass the traditional distribution channels and “go to the source” for his topsoil by purchasing property with an abundant supply of superb, genuine central Iowa topsoil, and successfully utilizing it in his businesses. This has of course led to continual requests for him to sell this magnificent soil to landscapers and DIY-ers—something he has been too busy to do—until now.

A Plus Topsoil Solutions, LLC is proud to announce the direct marketing of this Iowa Black Gold topsoil straight to the contractor/consumer, bypassing the middlemen and assuring customers of a dependable supply of the most consistent, high-quality genuine, and unaltered topsoil that anyone could imagine! Twenty thousand years in the making, and delivered by a glacier… no amendments, no blending, no medieval alchemy trying to imitate the real thing, Crumbly. Fertile. Black. Chemical-free.

This is the real deal! Settle for nothing less.

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