Before his semi-retirement, Dave owned and operated A PLUS SKIDLOADER SERVICES, LLC, for three decades. As central Iowa’s premier residential Water Control, grading, egress well, and retaining wall contractor, Dave “has seen it all”  from a water control standpoint. His expertise allowed him to be referred by many large and highly-reputable landscaping contractors to fix water issues for their clients as well as his own.

While he is no longer doing many of the specialized corrective installations that he built his reputation on, he is still being asked to “take a look”, “point us in the right direction”,  or “give us your insight” on how both homeowners and landscaping contractors should proceed to alleviate difficult situations.

The first step in solving a problem is identifying it, and this takes experience, and a trained eye and is often not as apparent as it may seem. Many firms react to symptoms, not the underlying cause itself. Countless times, Dave was called after an expensive and often over elaborate “solution” was implemented by someone else WITHOUT first discerning the underlying problem.

Many “solutions” address the SYMPTOM of a particular problem rather than the problem itself.

A small fee to discover the actual problem and then present a proper solution may be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Have you ever wondered when a contractor gives you his advice if he’s trying to sell you something?

Maybe it’s time to hire Dave as a consultant.

You’ll receive advice from someone who is:

TRULY QUALIFIED/CREDIBLE- Dave has unparalleled experience and expertise, plus an exemplary track record of success.

His advice can be TRUSTED.

*ANALYTICAL PROBLEM SOLVER- Dave can look beyond the symptoms and discern the underlying problem/cause.

*OBJECTIVE- Dave is only offering unbiased, impartial advice, and he won’t be trying to sell you anything.

*CONNECTED-Dave has decades of experience; he knows what materials/supplies/approaches will work best.

*FLEXIBLE/ADAPTABLE-Sometimes the “perfect solution” is too costly or impractical for whatever reason, and Dave can help you find an alternate solution.

When you solve a symptom, it’s like playing “whack a mole”-you knock that one down, but another one pops up. By solving the problem, the symptoms go away. If only it were that easy. Dave will help you FIND THE PROBLEM.

Make that call today!

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