Landscape supply houses and other home improvement retailers are simply resellers of what they call ‘topsoil’, and not having their own supply, they source it wherever they can.

Very little if any of what they sell is really “TOPSOIL”, rather “fill dirt” which includes subsoil that they may or may not “amend” and/or “blend” to somewhat mimic a lesser grade of topsoil.

Their sources are primarily excavation contractors, buying the spoil/waste from the digging of swimming pools, basements, graves, septic tanks, and ponds. They can sometimes source some dirt from land developers and roadbuilders as well. Since these sources constantly change, this leads to a retail product that lacks not only quality but also uniformity…

This “dirt”, (hardly topsoil), has been compacted with heavy equipment (often when wet—schedules must be met) and therefore is nearly void of the natural porosity, loose texture (crumbly and loamy) and air space associated with real natural topsoil. What took nature 12,000 years to accomplish is often ruined during the excavation and stockpiling processes.

 A Plus Topsoil Solutions is not a reseller. We own land with some of the best topsoil on the planet. When an order comes in, we go remove it from its original virgin state, load it on our trucks, and deliver it directly to you. 100% pure. 100% Natural. From land that’s NEVER been cropped or had herbicides applied. No fillers… just the REAL THING. Pure IOWA BLACK GOLD