Chilton Ave. – Ames, Iowa

Window Wells Repair

Description of Customer Problem Before:

We were called to Chilton Ave in Ames to look at a collapsing metal egress well and found it breaking off of the foundation. Every time it rained, water poured in and flooded the basement.

Description of what A+ Topsoil Solutions did:

The egress well itself looked to be in good shape and was worth repairing. We dug it up and found only two small anchors per side and no anchoring at all towards the bottom–and this was on a very nice newer home built by a respected local company  (you never know…).

We used hydraulic power to jack it back into place, install seven stainless steel anchors per side, and then sealed it before we backfilled it. It will now last a long time, and this was less than half of the price of replacing it.

Recap of outcome:

We were back in the neighborhood a few weeks later, after some very heavy rains, and this customer came and found us, “I just wanted you to know how happy we are that you got here when you did–we had ZERO issues even with all of the heavy rains. Thanks for doing what you do”.