Superior garden soil has good structure. It’s crumbly, porous and loamy with nice aggregates that allow airspace for water and roots to easily penetrate. It cultivates easily. It’s exceptionally fertile, free from harmful contaminants, and alive with beneficial microorganisms.

These things separate a thriving garden soil from a “manufactured” inert growing medium. At A Plus Topsoil Solutions, we know that what Mother Nature has created can’t be duplicated by adding “amendments” or “blending” sand or compost to inferior “dirt”, although other suppliers certainly try.

Central Iowa is blessed with the finest soil on the planet, tens of thousands of years in the making, which is why we OWN our source and leave it in it’s natural virgin state until you order it. When you place an order, we go collect this IOWA BLACK GOLD from where it’s laid for ten thousand years and deliver it fresh to you.

Quality that’s unparalleled. Affordably priced. Delivered to your site.

Beauty begins here. Call us today!