SE 4 St. in Ankeny

Small Window Wells

Description of Customer Problem Before *
We were called to SE 4th St in Ankeny to help with a window well issue- every time it rained, two basement windows leaked. We found two small window wells that were too shallow down in the ground (a BIG deficiency from the day they were installed many years prior), improperly attached, and never sealed. They also rusted through, allowing water to flood in through them from underneath the wells themselves easily.

Description of what A+ Topsoil Solutions did *
We removed the two bad wells, replaced them with much deeper poly wells, and properly sealed them at the attachment flanges. The customer wanted covers, which is never a bad thing, although in this case, the issues were from the old wells not being down in the ground far enough, which was allowing water to come in from below.

Recap of outcome
The customers were extremely pleased. “Now we won’t have to stay up all night and bail water out of the wells every time it rains!”
If you have a similar issue, don’t put up with it for decades, give us a call and we will set your mind at ease and let you sleep through a rainy night.